So What If
Greedy Gonzo

1 - I Am You
2 - When You Smile
3 - Every Day
4 - Sunday Morning Blues
5 - Daddy Longhair
6 - Spirit Bird
7 - Broken Angel
8 - Against The Wind
9 - How I Wish You Were Here

"Blues oriented folk rock with a twist of psychedlia."

Road tested and studio tested, Greedy Gonzo's music takes you on a trip down the musical highway with the top down and the radio blasting. Not needing to get anywhere anytime soon, everyday along the way you may encounter soul-searching hitchhikers, smiling faces, daddy longhairs, broken angels and if you're lucky, feel the spirit bird flying over you. 

Join the band as they try to get it together on their never-ending quest for the rock'n roll holy grail. Let your heart be free, and you'll start to seeô

About The Album:
"So What If" is a compilation of new materials and previously unreleased materials. While the previous album, "Join The Band" explores the psychedelic, jam-band essence of the band, "So What If" is more a traditional album and for lack of a better word, a "pop" album. 
You can see traces of the Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, and Wilco in the DNA, but it has succesfully morphed into a new life form called Greedy Gonzo. The distinctive Gonzo sound is present on all tracks. Some call it roots-rock, folk rock, blues, stoner music, it what you will ROCKS.

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